Handwriting Resources

FREE Pencil Drawing Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills


Did you know that pencil/pen drawing activities can improve fine motor skills, those needed for handwriting? Click the links below to download your pencil/pen activities for FREE.  The activities are suitable for children aged 5+.

More activities. Only £2.99 and for ages 3+. Go to Shop

FREE Handwriting Practice Paper


FREE printable handwriting 3-line practice paper with guides to help improve placement, legibility and neatness.  The practice paper is available in different line sizes. Start off with a line size comparable to your child’s handwriting size and then gradually move down to smaller line sizes as their writing improves.  

FREE Mini Handwriting Assessment


Unsure if there’s a problem with your child’s handwriting? Why not take our FREE mini assessment.  Unlike the full assessment, this is a quick test for automaticity, a key cognitive process required for handwriting. 

This paper-based assessment takes about 5 minutes to administer at home.  Then you email it back to us, and our app will return results within 24 hours. The assessment will identify any issues with automaticity and provide a FREE guide to improve it.  This is suitable for children aged 5+.

Email to get your FREE mini assessment: admin@morehandwritingapp.co.uk

Please note, if you require analysis of letter, word and join formation, then you would need to purchase the full assessment. 

Supporting Your Left-Handed Child


Did you know that between 10-12% of the population is left-handed with males being more likely to be than females?  Supporting your left-handed child with handwriting can sometimes be tricky. Click the link below to download our FREE guide for some useful tips.

How-to Videos 


Free How-to Handwriting Videos Coming Soon on More Curricular’s YouTube Channel. We will have informative videos and demonstrations about pen grip, posture and lots of other things associated with handwriting.