About Us

Learning to Learn Matters!


More Curricular believe in the simple philosophy: a child cannot improve their learning unless they know how to learn.

The More Curricular journey began when co-founder, Yvette, a former teacher, quality specialist and education lecturer with over 25 years industry experience, volunteered some study skills advice to her son who was revising for exams. She recommended techniques that had worked for her.  Namely, re-reading notes, making notes and highlighting important points.

To cut a long story short, these techniques did not help her son, leaving them both confused and disappointed with their efforts.  However, Yvette recalled the most shocking revelation was her lack of knowledge and self-awareness, “I was supposed to be the expert. How could I get it so wrong? I had been teaching since the 90s. Taught teacher training courses and set up quality systems to improve teaching standards.”

Yvette decided to do some further research into learning techniques, managing to cajole her friend and colleague, Andrew along the way. Education had certainly moved onto since her teacher training days, multi-disciplinary approaches involving neuroscience, psychology and health sciences had opened up the world of teaching. After more research and training, More Curricular was born. Co-founded by Yvette and Andrew, determined to get research-led learning techniques back into the classroom and into children’s homes.

Although our journey may sound clique, it really did bring back our commitment to the vocation of teaching. We want to bridge the disconnect between educational research and educational practice, distilling this information directly to children in accessible formats like workshops and apps.

Check out our photo gallery.  We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved to meet so many wonderful people and organisations to help us continue the “learning to learn” journey.