Show me your handwriting skills and I’ll predict your academic success!

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between handwriting and academic success?  Students who struggle with handwriting are less likely to succeed academically [Moore & Rust, 1989].

Research has also shown that students with poor handwriting automaticity get lower grades, find it difficult to communicate through writing, perform poorly in other academic subjects and become demotivated and disengaged with learning.

Don’t let your child fall behind

More Handwriting is an in-depth and comprehensive handwriting assessment app.  Developed by More Curricular, leader in research-led educational assessment & learning tools and workshops for children and parents in the UK.

  • Assessments for ages 5+
  • Detailed analysis of your child’s handwriting ability against UK school year group
  • Assesses handwriting automaticity
  • Identifies any handwriting weaknesses
  • Lists what remedial action is required
  • Results issued within 24 hours
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