Are You Worried About Your Child’s Handwriting?

Do they struggle to write even though they have no special learning needs?  Is their writing neat but it takes them a long time to write? Is their writing untidy and illegible?

Students who struggle with handwriting are less likely to succeed academically [Moore & Rust, 1989]. Research has also shown that students with poor handwriting automaticity get lower grades, find it difficult to communicate through writing, perform poorly in other academic subjects and become demotivated and disengaged with learning.  

Using the latest research, More Curricular, have developed More Handwriting.

  • An award-winning, easy to administer “at home” handwriting assessment for primary school children or older children still struggling with writing.
  • Lets parents check if their child’s handwriting progress is the correct level for their year group. 
  • We also provide you with a FREE step-by-step guide that you can use with your child to get them back on track.

Best Handwriting Training Specialist 2020
Greater London Enterprise Awards

“It took a month to see improvements. She is still doing the programme. Thank you so much. I don’t know where we would be without your intervention.”
Bianca Robinson, Parent

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Don’t let your child fall behind

More Handwriting is an award-winning and comprehensive handwriting assessment app.  Developed by More Curricular, pioneer in research-led educational assessment & learning tools and workshops for UK children and parents.

  • Assessment for ages 5+.  There’s no need for you to wait if you think there’s a problem.
  • Hybrid paper-based and online assessment.  Your child will take an assessment consisting of “real handwriting” tasks and not something that is done on a computer or electronic devise.
  • Year group placement.  You can see what your child’s handwriting ability is in relation to their UK school year group.
  • Assesses your child’s handwriting automaticity.  Lets you know if your child has mastered this important cognitive development needed for good handwriting skills.
  • Identifies handwriting weaknesses and remedial action. Gives you the tools to support your child handwriting improvements.
  • Administer at home and results within 24 hours.  A quick and convenient tool to give you the answers you need about your child’s handwriting.